I took a ride out to visit the Fish River Valley Brewery which is out on he Tarana Road at a place called Locksley, about three houses in this town and one of those is the brewery.

While this brewery is not, as yet open to the public I took the opportunity to call in and have a chat with Mike the brewer and young Tom the brewers apprentice. Mike and Tom kindly took the time to show  me around the brewery and I was offered a taste (or two) of the only beer available at the time which was one from the first batch and I think is called the Old School Ale. I later had an Old School wheat at the Station Bar in Katoomba. I have yet to try the Dirty Swamp Ale. Both the beers where good with the wheat  coming in first with me at this stage. So far the beer is only available in draft, I don’t know if or when it will be in bottles.  The names are a reference to the fact the Brewery used to be the old school house and the are used to be known as dirty swamp if I got the story right. The Fish River Brewery is joint hosting a beer versus wine dinner in Bathurst in early August I hope to get to. The barman at the Tarana Hotel said that as soon as he had another tap installed in his bar they would have this beer on. It is good to think that the guest beer concept might be taking off even in tiny town pubs.


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