I have had a pair of Yeastie Boys beers tonight.
From what I can gather this is a highly thought of brewery and with these beers
it is not hard to see why.
Firstly there was a the improbably named Peters Pipers Pickled Purple Peated Ale.
Peated probably explains the smoke I noted at the outset.
Then I tried Motueka Raven, there was a lot of waffle on the label which I suppose was meant to be tasting notes, make your own mid up about that but it was a very nice dark beer.

I also had the Wet Nurse Tonic a Milk Stout from Moon Dog, This was by far the best of these three as far asI am concerned . A label tied to the neck of the bottle say drink at room temperature, which I would have done anyway, a terrific beer. Also a great label    

I bought these beers, along with a few others I will mention after I have drunk them,
from the Camperdown Cellars in Liechardt.
While I was able to find these three and others I was a bit disappointed with this bottle shop as I went in with a list of Australian craft beers I had as yet not tried, a list about fifty long and they didnt have one of them.    

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