We thought we would see what all the fuss is about so we bought a bottle of SteamRail Golden Ale and a Steam Rail Pale Ale
There has been a bit of discussion about these beers in social media the last couple of days  about who owns it and makes and various other stuff.
I thought that there was not a lot of difference between the beers, both started off with a metallic taste and neither had any great taste to talk of. If I had to choose one I would pick the Pale Ale but then I always would choose a Pale Ale over a Golden Ale no matter what brewery the beer came from. 
I know there is a big debate over big brewery versus craft breweries and mass produced beer or beer from small breweries and a fear that one will be pushed out or swallowed up by the other.
However I am trying not to let it affect me or my choice of what beers I drink.
I do think that restaurants could do a lot better and generally the selection of beers that they have is pathetic to say the least. One owner told me that they couldn’t afford to keep a better choice of beers because they may not be able to sell it which I think is a load of bullshit because all they need to do is buy a small selection of six packs from a good bottle shop which they then sell on for a higher price just like wine. Nobody seems to stress out about keeping wine for a while. On the off chance they are left with a couple of beers they can’t use they could always either cook with it or use for staff drinks.
Most restaurants have blackboard specials which I think they could use to advertise guest 
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