I went to the Rum Diaries last Friday, didn’t have a beer but had a good time with a few of the rums
I never quite worked out the classifications the rums were given as they were grouped together under the headings of English; French; and Spanish rums with the rums from Angostura under the English section, so saying, the list could have been more helpful, the tasting notes on the list were a bit wine notes like too.
This is the second time for me at this place and this time around I couldn’t find one that beat my favourite so far which is a Captain Morgan Special Spiced rum which I thought had intense vanilla both in aroma and taste
The food in this place is very good, a bit on the tapas side which I feel makes small serving a bit expensive and you might come away looking for a bit more.
The young lady who worked at our table was very helpful and answered as well as she could all my annoying questions but I may have learned more if the manager or owner had been there but apparently he was away in the UK, sourcing more rum perhaps.
Angostura Tyr dark rum; Barrancourt 5 star 8yr; Matusalen Gran Reservsa, 15 yr; Chripmans Reserva; Pyrats Rum Pistol (a taste) Demerra 175; Goslings Black; Goslings Gold Seal; Angostura 1919.  I have more than likely spelt mosy if not all of those rums incorrectly.

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