Paper Planes
On the Saturday I went, with my daughter and son to the Paper Planes, a Japanese restaurant in Bondi. The food in this place was very good, according to son and daughter perhaps the best Japanese food they have had in Sydney
I have to accept their opinion on this while I did think it was good Japanese is not the food of choice for me, I don’t see the fascination with sushi and sashimi, I know it won’t kill me (well! hopefully) but that is as far as it goes. The rest of the food, the tempura vegetable and the beef dish was terrific
We had a couple of different Sake’s the names of which I won’t try to write here as I doubt if there are enough letters on my keyboard to reproduce them.
I had thought that I might try a few of Sake’s like I had done with the rums the night before, however while I was happy with the two we had which were quite different from each other I don’t think I appreciate it as much.
I also had a Japanese beer at the start, a draft Orion Lager or Ah-re- on as the waitress pronounced it, a beer typical of its type I think, ok, nothing extra special
This place is well worth a visit.
Unfortunately my pictures didn’t work again. 
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