I had Moon Dog Pumpkin Ale yesterday, I wasn’t sure what I was going to make of it, I have had Pumpkin beers before and wasn’t all that keen. This was one was very good,I preferred the Freaks and Geeks but this one came close and so I hope to try the rest of Moon Dog beers soon.

Otway Estate, Prickly Moses Chainsaw, a quite nice wheat beer maybe not the best I ever had but it was defiantely drinkable. I don’t know why it is called chainsaw but then who knows where a lot of names come from

My daughter picked up a bottle of Brasserie Du Mont Blanc,La Verte au Genepi.
I wonder how much the average Australian beer drinker gets from that label.
This beer is green. The Genepi apparently one of the ingredients in Absinthe known I believe as the green fairy. This beer comes from France somewhere in the alps.
I thought it was very much like a soft drink, maybe an energy drink rather than a beer.
I didn’t find terrible, it was actually quite easy to drink, maybe because today was so hot. If it was to your taste I expect you could knock back a fair bit of the stuff though you would have to keep in mind it is 5.9% . I couldn’t read the label but I think this was a wheat beer though it was more like a cola apart from the green colour.
I have always been a little bit fascinated by the beers from the North of France at least I think from the north. Farmhouse beers, Bier De Bardes, Saison Beers and if I practised I might even become a fan of sour beers. The trouble is just about every one I come across is nothing like the lone I had before so it is hard to get a sense that I am getting to grips with the style.

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