Well, pissed in the sense of pissed off or majorily grumpy not in the sense of legless.
I took a few pictures with a phone camera and it wont let me suck them out and put in here.
Just goes to show – cameras are for taking pictures and phones are for annoying everybody within cooee of you.
I went to the Riverside Brewery last Friday afternoon when they were open to the public which is 2 to 6pm I think
I was there at opening time which meant that were the only ones there so were able to have a good chat with Dave the brewer.
Driving as usual so were only able to have the tasting board which was lucky because the licencing laws don’t allow them to sell bigger glasses
The beers at this brewery are all a pretty high standard I thought
I particularly went for the 77 the India Pale Ale, both the 55 a Pale Ale,the 33 a Golden Ale were
44 an Amber Ale and the 88 a Robust Porter, don’t forget the 69 , a Summer Ale
We also bought a growler of the 77, this is the first time I have bought one of these, 1.8 litres of beer in these I think.
$14.00 for the growler and this beer was $20.00 a fill, a different beer might have been a couple of dollars less.

 I have eventually found the picture and this is the best I could get, see if you can work it out.    

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