Monday, 3 December 2012

Pinched from YOUNG HENRY’s Gallery

We love gardening…
 Pinched from STONE AND WOOD site

Bar interior
 STATION BAR from their own site 
I went along to the Brewery night being run by the Station Bar in Katoomba last Friday.
I had a good night which I thought went off very well.
There seemed to be quite a few people there though I don’t know if it was busier than a normal Station Bar Friday night.
I had a talk with Steve the rep from Stone and Wood, a young bloke (as they all seem to be nowadays) very into his beer and who seemed to be well suited to the job of attending this kind of night.
I also had a good discussion with Richard from Young Henry brewery in Newtown, who told me something of his brewery, beer types and ingredients.
The Station Bar has had a hand pump recently installed and I think this was the official opening with a Young Henry Real Ale.
Also from Young Henry there was Young Henry’s natural lager; Young Henry’s Hop Ale; Young Henry’s Smith Journal Farmhouse Ale and a Young Henry Cloudy Cider.
For me the standout for the night was the Farmhouse Ale, a beer style I would probably go for every time one was on offer.
Richard showed me the article in the Smith magazine the beer is named after.
I am not a big cider man, I have nothing against it , I would just go for the beer first and so never seem to get around to cider, however I had a taste of the Cloudy Cider and I thought it was a very good drop, it was nice and tarty, much better than the usually sweet drink cider always seems to me.
I believe the Young Henry’s Brewery is having an opening event for its bar, I don’t know when but I will have to keep my eye open and try to get to it.
Stone and Wood beer was Stone and Wood Garden Ale; Stone and Wood Kellerbier: Stone and Wood Pacific Ale and Stone and Wood Lager.
I liked both the Hop Ale and the Kellerbier, the Kellerbier I thought would make a great contender for the hand pump which I thought it would suit very well as it reminded me of the way beers are pulled from kegs sitting on the bar.
There was also a Riverside 66 Pale Ale which was very drinkable. I Have heard of the Riverside brewery, I have never been to it and I don’t know anything about it, but I was told it is a very new brewery on the scene.
So as I said , a great night and I was told that the Station Bar was going to try and run other nights, maybe every couple of months or so.
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