I enrolled in a workshop style class in order to learn or at least to try and learn how to make better use of this blog, and maybe make it look a bit more attractive.
No luck as I got a phone call as I was going up the steps to the Napean Community College telling me that the course had been cancelled due to the fact that all the other people who originally booked in had pulled out.
This must be about the fifth time over the last ten years that a course I have booked into has been cancelled
This is very frustrating as I think that it is high time I updated this column not to mention the fact that I find it very awkward to use. Why is it that I.T outfits are forever updating their sites – for my convenience – they keep telling me which only makes them more difficult to use.
So I will just have to see if I can pretty the thing up myself.
Even though I had arranged a half day off to take the course all was not lost as I went to the Katoomba Station Bar for a mid week brew
The Station Bar has just installed a hand pump and they are trying it out with a YOUNG HENRY’S REAL ALE and English Ale style beer or perhaps that should be the other way around a Young Henry’s English Ale a Real Ale Style beer
Either way I will have to go down on the fan club list as I found it a very nice drop
It is a dark/red beer beer,malty or caramel taste with I thought a touch of tannin, I don’t know what sort of hops were used, I never can identify hops and at first I didn’t think it had a big aroma but this picked up as the beer got warmer. I thought that when first pulled the beer was cold enough even a bit too cold though I am sure a lot of people would argue that point.    
Next Friday the 30th the Station Bar is a hosting a meet the brewers night with a brewer representative from the Stone and Wood Brewery and from the Young Henry Brewery and I hope to be able to go along and so I might have a bit more to learn and so add to this.
On  mixed sad happy note one of the gorgeous bar girls is pregnant and so is leaving next week, congratulations to her and all the best wishes and when she has left I will have to have another beer to have a bit of cry into. Lets hope that the Station Bar keeps the standards high with her replacement.      

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