Well! I seem to have done again – lost my notes for the blog so I will try to recap                                The bike trip is finished and next stop Oslo.             
And I am going to have to get a new word program as this drives me mad with its random line spacing’ .                              
After Alta we stayed at Lakselv and Karsuando then finished in Tromso.                
From scenery places to go these this is a spectacular country but from a beer tourist point of view they are a disaster              
The only blip was that I had a KOFF in Finland when I asked the girl behind the bar what sort of beer it was she said the same as the others being Rignes and Dahl which was pretty much absolutely true.
It only occurred to me later that it might have been an accomplishment to have a beer at the North Cape which is as far north as you can go in Europe but as I was on a tour and on rented motor bike it would have been against the rules and I would have had to be sneaky which would have diminished the whole thing so maybe next time I did have a drama in the North Cape observation set up As after I  had paid for my lunch then  discovered I had lost –dropped my wallet – after an extremely worrying ten minutes a tiny little Italian motor bike lady from another group came and indicated she had found it on the stairs – along way from where I had paid for my lunch – no worries  – in relief I gave the tiny lady a might y hug – I don’t know what she thought of that
 It was beginning to look as though as though Tromso ws going to be a beer washout as well. I had a look at the Mack brewery but as it was after four in the afternoon and Saturday it was closed but across the road was a pub called The Olhallen (don’t forge the backslashes through the O’s)  – a Mack pub which turned out to be not only the best pub in Tromso very likely the best in the whole of Northern Europe depending on where Exactly the line would be drawn. – The pub had a micro brewery above it where the brewers tried other styles not on their mass production list and it also had bottled beers from other breweries for sale, I had a long chat- between his beer pulling and glass collecting – with the barman who was very informative and interested in beer.                          I tried A Gullmack which I thought was like a farmhouse ale and the best beer I had at least since the Trondheim  Micro Brewery and also a Portermack which was good but not a lot different to other porters I also had a Mack Pilsner 1877 which was a better drink than all the other, mass produced beers in this part of the world. The barman also gave me the names of a couple of other breweries which I will have to look up, as I cant recall if they are in Sweden or Denmark
I must head south to Oslo.

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