Made it to Alta, today was a relatively short ride so we got in pretty early
Weather is holding out so I went for a bit of a walk. I find this a strange sort of town as it all looks pretty new, the whole place seems no more than about ten years old if there is an older section of town I never found it. Anyhow because it was early I thought I would find a pub and have a quiet beer. There is a something that calls itself a pub but like nearly all the other pubs so far visited it had only two pilsners on tap, and nothing different in bottles.
Back at the hotel, for the first time I found some different beers as they had Asahi; Peroni: and eventually Newcastle Brown in bottles so I had one of each, well I felt obliged to because I drank their only copy of the first two and I made him go to where ever his cellar is to bring more up and he came back adding a Newcastle Brown to the list and it would have been wrong to make him do that and not have one. I havent got any pictures for this so will have to go with what we have got.
Tomorrow is the “big day” long, witht he ride up to North Cape and then back to a hotel
I may not have much chance to drink beer and may be too tired to write anything anyway.  

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2 Responses to ALTA;NORWAY

  1. woosh says:

    you seem to be doing well!! as long as you stay away from the hefty Norweigan beers i'm sure you will be able to stay upright on your motorbike. Have fun

  2. Ray says:

    Hi Woosh I dont know often you check this blog Anyhow so far my experiance is that Norway is a much better ber trail than Denmark or at least Copenhagen though I have found one fair dinkum micro called the Beer Pub and two rubbish onesCheers

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