For the last couple of days I have been struggling without a  computer mouse because I dropped and killed my little travelling one
That is my excuse for bad spelling and set up
I am no use with the touch pad thingy, I don’t know how to copy cut paste and I also dont know how to do a lot of other stuff without on sometimes indeed with it
I have been motor biking up Norway for the last couple of weeks and have so far stayed at five hotels and so have had a look at the beer on sale
If you don’t want a pilsner then drink water because there isnt anything else.
The pilsners may be as good as other mass produced beers of this style but it is not my favourite so I am pretty critcal of what I have had so far.
I cant think of much of a difference between any of them.
There has been Dahls Mack Norland and Ringnes , There is also and  Arctic Circle  which I think is also a Mack.
The hotels have only one or two of those mentioned above and which one where seems to depend on where you are
As I go further north it seems as though Macks beers become the beer of choice  
In the total absence of any other choice pick one
Apart from the Trondheim brewery which I mentioned in the last edition there has been one glimmer of hope
In Boda there is a place Bryggikaia which suggest micro brewery and the Internet also says it is a micro brewery, well it was but it isn’t any more, the copper tanks are still at the back of the building but now it is a restaurant – seemed like a nice one and it was busy, It had two beers I haven’t seen anywhere else so far , calm down, they where both Macks. A medium  dark called “Haakon” and a dark called “Baayer”  To be honest I couldn’t tell much difference between them, and seeing nobody could tell me at the bar and I cant get any information from the ‘net I will leave it up to the drinker to work it out.
If I have the time when I get to Tromso I may be able to get more info.


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