I found a micro brewery in Trondheim and to say I found it is a fact
While this place has a site in the Internet which gives an address it is not in the street where they say it is it is an back street and it cant be seen from the street it is supposed to be anyway so you have to know where it is in  the first place before you go to it. Why do they do that don’t they want you to find the joint
Anyhow It wasn’t all a dead loss in order to get accurate directions I had to go to an Irish pub and ask, wear away? I bought the direction with a glass of Newcastle Brown and a nice chat with th egirl behind the bar, I generally like girls behind bars So having taken a pint of N.B on board I seet sailfor the brewery
Armed with good directions I came upon it in a side street.
A nic looking place with some seating outside and inside was clean and bright
It serves food but I didnt bother to foind out aht
I had a tasting board of the beers avalable which , in order as presented
Trondhjemspils; described as a classic pilsner which was probably accurate as it was likely good as a sessions beer, sitting on the verandah on a hot day while watching sport, not one of my
favorite styles of beer
Pale Ale; A bit more to this one , a note of citrus
Porter; very similar to type quite a nice porter this one though I dont know why it was numbered three in order on the list
Indian Summer Ale; another beer with a bit of citrus
Amber;; Not Available
Stout; Some smoke noticeable in this, a nice beer this one  they had two taps for this beer one poured normally and the other took up to fifteen minutes to pour . I have never come across this before and I dont know where the idea came from but the idea was that by the time the beer had been poured it had come up in temperature from may be 4 degrees to 8-10 degrees which would make it a much better tasting beer with all the notes coming through much better
I.P.A; Not available
Hattrick; a saison summer seasonal, hops not over the top, a very nice beer this one
I would rate them in order
1) Hattrick 2) Slow poured Stout  3) Porter
I was lucky enough to spend half an hour chatting with the brewer Join Grombech, (dont forget to put the slash through the o’s)
I learned that he had been the head chef  for a few years at this brewery and that when the position became available for whatever reason four years ago He was asked if he would give the job ago and he has been there ever since and says he prefers it to being a chef – of course he is only a young bloke in maybe his early thirties
He is getting some new fermenters and when settled down with his new gear e hopes to be able to experiment a bit and maybe come up with a something he can call his own.Good luck to him



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