Today I was able to visit the Bogedal Brewery in Vejle, Denmark again ,I don’t know if you are familiar with the beers from this brewery. It was a fascinating visit because even though this is not production season I was able to find out a lot This is a “free gravity” whereby the whole process is done by gravity especially all the filtering, as the beer goes through the process each individual part is lifted by hand pulleys so that it can drain/filter then lowered”until it gets to the next stage and it is an open vat fermentation which is why this time of year is not production time each is a 
“one off” batch so as the tanks are two hundred litres each batch is not much more than three hundred champagne bottle batch each one numbered- Kasper the brewer is becoming interested in “old barleys” This is sourcing grains before they where modified some registered and recorded as far back as 1848/49 I became a bit bogged down with this and feel I might be scrambling up some of the details. Once he has found them he will try and grow what he can himself and what he cant do he will contract out. He and his family are very self sufficient and live, three generation, in a beautiful bit of farming country in what was a dairy houses barns stables the lot converted in part to his brewery  
Anyhow the upshot is that I am now going to have to carry two bottles of extremely expensive beer around for the next four weeks. That is not all though I am going to have to find a reason to drink the stuff.
While there are dozens of breweries to visit I don’t know how many I can practically get to though if I can get one more in it will be the Handbryggeriat in Norway and I should be able to get to the Mikkellor bar in Copenhagen




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