I  have now left Bodegraven and now I am in Aarhus Denmark
On my last day in Bodegraven I went back to the De Molen for a last look
but first I rode my wobbly bike to the main brewery which is just a hundred or so metre from the windmill





I knew that it wasn’t open to the public but no reason not to look and take a picture.I hung aqriubd a bit and one of the staff came out and we had a bit of a chat whole I looked through the doors, then I went on to the restaurant  for a final brew or three, a Op en Top for the hot bike ride there and  then a Citra SIngle Hop which is a new beer which was bought for me by the production tech I had been talking to over he past few days keeping him away from his work at renovating the small on site brewery. I had a bit of a lunch which was a toasti – like everything else on the menu nothing bit about it 


Then a man came over for a chat who turned out to be the “great man” himself the brewer Menno  
He said he had seen me peeking into the brewery and the other staff I had been talking to told him who or what I was and so he came and I choose to believe paid his respects. I had a good half hour chat and gained a few insights into the De Molen philosophy and leaned a few different
ways of looking at things   
The last night there I ent to a posh restaurant called”t Zwaantje” and had a couple of Grolsch draft and a dinner of cod – brave for me as I am not a fish person generally, but I figured I would be safe at this place. The cod was very could and came with all the usual trimmings in this town which is chips and mayonnaise on the side which I didn’t need, he fish had a lobster sauce and I was offered a dutch rhubarb topping something like apple sauce only rhubarb, I dont know who decided that was a match but I like rhubarb so I dug in.   


So. with bike returned I left, I have had a couple of challenges what with ATM,s swallowing my card and a melt down over thinking I had some connections and bookings out of step (still a bit up in the air about that) I have a very successful and enjoyable Bodegraven section of the trip.
It is a nice little town with a river running through, some old parts and it looks at least the bits I saw, prosperous, I think it would be classed as rural/ farming even this close to three cities and certainly well worth the visit for its own sake. Great for bike riding just ge a better one than the old wobbly, 15 euro s for 2 days one I had      
It will come as no surprise to my many fans to learn that the hotel, or collection of stacked cupboards I am staying at in Aarhus is two doors down from a brewhouse with on site brewery but that is for the next chapter, or in blog speak post.     

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