Finally left the sunny shores of Sydney off a bit of a look at the frozen north
As this is mostly about beer I managed to find a beer under ten dollars at the airport – at a small kiosk a bit away from the main tax free bazaar, I had a Boags Draft for six fifty I think – makes it at least three less than the others. I flew the Emirates which is just as overcrowded and crushed for the larger flyer. I thought I had won the jackpot- asked for an ailse seat and was told I gcould have an exit seat whoo hoo’ when I got on th eplane I found that I had neither and was doomed to travell in the centre seat not only 13 hours of discomfort for me but also for those on either side. It was good to see that the exit seating front of me had a tiny Greek lady and her son, a man in his thirties who must have been 6 to 8 inches shorter and twenty plus kilos lighter. You would have to be a committed optimist to expect it to get better . On the plus side the meals where good and the screens where bigger. Getting to Amsterdam airport and then – in my case a train to Bodegraven was easy, just a short walk from one to the other, it seems a bit miserable to remark that the luggage belt broke down for half an hour or so, bags languishing in the bowels of the terminal.
On the first plane I had a Amstel which turned out to be light if I had know I would have gone for the alternative Heinekin or Budweiser  – but I saved that thrill for the next leg      
When I got to Bodegraven it was in the high twenties so I had a couple of Brand Weizens while checking in, then I de-jetlagged for about four hours then had a couple of Amstel drafts
Next day I walked into the main centre of Bodegraven about three k,s but a pleasant if hot walk and I walked past the reason for me being here which is theDe Mollen brewery Brewhouse


It was a bit early for it to be open to I walked around a bit then hired a bicycle for a couple of days
This made the moving around a lot easier or would if they drove on the proper side of the road – I still havent worked it all out. I went back to the brewhouse at lunch time and had an Op & Top, an English Bitter:  Zomerhop an I.P.A; Bed & Breakfast; Engels  and a Millers Lunch, then finished with  Geberan & Getogen a smoked beer, a bit stronger than a Norwegian Wood 


I went back for dinner had another Op &Top and a Donder & Blikson 

Then I had bread with trimmings as a starter followed by beer stew which was a wonderful site so needless to say my camera battery died just before it came out.  A Heen & Ween
was the recommended beer with the stew and it ws a big heavy triple I am sure the beer and food matchers know what they are doing but the meal and beers made sure that I was stuffed so much that I couldn’t face desert or more beer.

Some things are meant to try, I went to pay and their eftpos thing say I was using the wrong pin on both my ards – one I could believe but not both anyhow I paid cash and went to a Rabobank atm which ate my card so know I am faced with no back up card at the start of my trip – some things you can do with out. Is this destiny or fate or Karma  
This would drive anybody mad I have just lost internet connection and so a dirty big sign sticks to the work already done and the only way out loses all unsaved work and to top it off I dont understand why the blog itself has to be so awkward to use. I much preferred the earlier model. So typical of windows to make an updated system harder to use, look no further than Windows 10 for a shit system. 
I publish before I lose it again and may make corrections later    
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  1. woosh says:

    Sounds pretty good so far (apart from the card) glad you found a good brewery already.have un on your bikes.

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