I am about to set off on my trip to Europe – flying out tomorrow night
I have been staying in Sydney since Friday night because I wanted to go to the Italian beer
event at the Local Taphouse yesterday
On Friday I had a quick Matilda Bay I.P.G Cloudy Ale at the Sugermill wHich is just up
the road from the hotel then walked down to the Doma Bohemian Cafe for a Budvar which
was very pleasant sitting in the shade of an umbrella watching the girls  pass by I was going
to go around to the Czech cafe but they wouldn’t let me in, too early.
So then I went on a bit of a mission to the Old Fitzroy which at the moment is one of my
favourite pubs in Sydney The Fitroy had a couple of different beers, I started off with a
John Boston which wasn’t as good as I remembered as it had a bit of a smell and taste of
sour yeast So I changed and  had a couple of Grifters Pale Ale I dont know anything
about this beer or the brewers but the barman said that they where a couple of young 
blokes from Newcastle I think who where brewing somewhre in Newtown I also had a
4 Pines Kolsch and a White Rabbit Dark Ale  

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