I went to the Taphouse today for their Italian Beers event. 
Form what I could see there where plenty of people there and I expect ti would have been a succes for them 
I had a tasting of all twenty and then tried a fair few of the glasses 

Most of the beers where ok – a couple of them maybe not much differant to beers from elsewhere but it was interesting to see how the Italians where doing

1; Croce Di Malto – Kolsch 
2; Birra del Borgo – Saison “good one
3; Croce Di Malto – Weisbeer “good one” 
4; San Paola Birrifico – Honey Ale odd one thgis because I dont ussually go for this style of beer but this snuck up on you,
5;Birra del Borgo/Dogfish Head – Imperial Pilsner ‘good one’
6; Brewfist – Extra Special Bitter 
7; Extraomnes Belgian Pale Ale 
8; Croce di Malto – Specialty Seasonal ALe I like dthis one
9; Brewfist/Beer Here – American Pale Ale  not my favourite, 
10; Birra del Borgo  -American Pale Ale nor this one 
11; San  Paolo Birrfico – American Pale Ale I thought this was the best of the three APA,s
12; Brewfist – Indian Ple ALe 
13; Scarampola – Italian Pale Ale
14; San Paolo Birrifico – Maibock I liked this one 
15; Birra del Borgo – Tobacco Porter, similar to other porters 
16; Brewfist – Milk Chocolate Stout, Also Similar 
17; Birra Del Borgo – Cascadian Dark Ale, I dont know what the term means but a very nice beer
18; Croce Di Malto – Belgian Strong Ale OK 
19; Extraomnes – Abbey Tripel, not my favourite 
20; Birricicio Troll – Barleywine, I have had better 

We had a glass of IGP Cloudy Ale on the way past the GREEN PARK HOTEL

Also a White Rabbit Dark Ale at the ROYAL SOVEREIGN

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