I went to the alestars or spectapular beer event at the Local which featured Beers from the Norwegian Brewery, Nogne O and talks by the brewer Kjetil Jikiun.
This is the first time I have been able to get to one of these events and I enjoyed big time.
While here Kjetil collaborated with Bridge Roads and made beer in red wine barrels some of which was sent back to Nogne O where they going to brew the same beer in whiskey some will be sent back here and the barrels will then be re-used back here. I think there was a quite a bit more to that story but my notes are a bit short on the detail.
Kjetil introduced beers from his brewery and talked about what went into the brewing process of the beers highlighted.
I can’t remember the exact order but here goes with a list of the Nogne O beers; Brown Ale: Saison: Porter: Ipa:
As I am going to Norway later this year and hope to find these beers in their local habitat I made a point of having a bit of a chat with him.
Kjetil suggested brewery to visit, Kinn Bryggerriat which seemed to well worth a visit as they brew beers in open vats, a system I believe is still used in Yorkshire occasionally, but regrettably I don’t think I will be able to fit it into my schedule.  
Seeing we went all that way to the Local we took the opportunity to try some of the other beers on the list while there. Again in no particular order though as close as I can get we had; Bridge Road Porter (Great Beer); Stone and Wood Jasper; Happy Goblin Bitter; Bridge Road Chevalier Biere De Garde, (Nice beer and a style I am a big fan of) Moo Brew Belgo; Mountain Goat High Tail Ale; BadLands Dark ( A nice beer and  this Orange based brewery along with Mudgee Brewery  is as close as a local brewery there is for me and so has to be promoted and supported); Lindeman’s Framboise (bubbly, fruity and not my style at all); Yeastie Boys, Hud-A-Wa (Good Beer, Bitter and Creamy) Sierra Nevada Barleywine,  and a Royk Uten lid (“Smoke without Fire” from my absolute favourite brewery, another Norwegian Brewery, Haandbryggeriet)    
During the  event the Taphouse held a beer trivia and the best attempt to pronounce Nogne O, It seemed as though there was a good turnout but being  as it was the first one for me I have no way to be sure of that.

If possible I will try and get to the Local when they are showcasing the Italian beers, in July I think

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