I went to see Prince at Homebush the other day. I would have to recognise his place as a performer but I don’t know a lot all that much about his music as he is not someone I would sing along with. His was a very slick performance or would have been if he wasnt on such a ego trip.
Anyway I stayed at the Ibis hotel rather than driving home which for me would be quite a long way and very late So of course I went to the Brewery which is in the same building block.
What a horrible place first of all the beers a massively over priced.
We where there well before the show rush and they had already allowed one of their beers to run out the staff where hopeless completely unable to cope, even that early.
I may stay at the hotel again if there is a show I want to see and I suppose I will have a beer again but my expectations are very low.
No pictures as we weren’t allowed to take pictures in the show and I wouldnt waste my time taking pictures of the bar. 
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