I managed to get to the East Village hotel in Darlinghurst the other day
Went there originally because it was in the latest Good Food Pubs Guide and we are trying to cross as many as we can before the next one comes out
The food was very good – I had the twice cooked pork – which I think is hard to beat – it came with mashed potatoes and sauerkraut, I would have liked a bit more on the plate a few vegies or a bit more spud but I certainly complain about the quality of my meal.  The other choice was off the special board, the marrow bone pie with horse radish mash which was very good.
This place is definitely worth going back just for the food but as well as that it had some good and different beers on tap including Boxer Red Ale from  Rocks Brewing; Oakbank Beer from Pikes; A Lager from Young Henry’s and a Black Pilsner from Doctors Orders.
I met Liam the licensee and had a good chat with him about craft beers and he told me it was the pub policy to feature them. How terrific is that.
I also mentioned how I was hoping that some pub somewhere would start having cask beers on like Germany and some English pubs and Liam said that he was talking about that some brewers.
How terrific and exciting  that will be when it gets off the ground and I will have to become a face book users so I can be sure to know when it comes off.
As a home brewer this is something I would love to work out how to do      
Once again this is another pub I will have to go back to because I didn’t take any photos , maybe it was the plan so I would be forced it.  
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