I am trying to get back into this Blogging game again. while I haven’t got anything prepared for this session, i am just re learning how to open the blog, It seems as every time I come back to it after a break the format seems to have changed.
I have been back to the Station Bar in Katoomba because they have been highlighting four stouts from 4 Pines which was brought in as a St Patrick’s day thing. The first, which I missed, was an  Dry Irish Stout, the reason I didn’t try this was because i was not aware of that these beers had been brought in straight away.  Stout two was an Oatmeal Stout and Choc Orange was the third Stout  and the Russian Stout was number four in the series. While oatmeal beers are a hit with me I think the Russian was the one in this series I preferred. I will have to try an pick up the Dry Stout later which the Station Bar says they have in bottles.
I hadn’t been aware that the Bar had been running  series of beers as I had seen no mention of it in the local paper and when I asked I was told that they didn’t run a newsletter so it seems a bit of a hit and miss way to run the place as I don’t know how they expected non regulars to know what is on.  

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