I finished my trip yesterday 4/1/’12, another fairly long day in the saddle
The day6 before was extremely hot, I was told it reached 43 degrees and I wouldn’t argue . I was already pretty high temperature from the time I got on to the road which was about 0830 or a bit later. I went from Coonabarabran to Gilgandra and then on to Dubbo. I had thought about swing around Warren and Nevertire but if you look at the map you will see the road from Nevertire to Dubbo is bar straight and I didn’t want to ride a road like that in that heat but I suppose it didn’t make much difference as the road I was on had hardly and major bends in it from beginning to end. apart from filling up with petrol I by passed Dubbo, it was the first day after the New Years break and the traffic was mad.
I pulled up at Peak Hill for a rest and had beer at the pub, not a bad little pub and it appears as it is the only one now as the other place was boarded up and for sale. I only had the one which was all I had intended but just as well as the booze bus was set up outside town and with hardly any traffic I expect they pulled every vehicle over.
I had planned to stay at Parkes for the night but because I still had a bit of time and I wasn’t particularly drawn to any particular pub so I went on to Forbes
This turned out not to be the best idea as though I stopped at the Vandenburg Hotel which I thought was a good choice there wasn’t any rooms available because the town was full of hang gliders. So I had to go to a motel considering that it was still very hot it was good to have a room with air conditioner.
I will probably go back at sometime and stay at the Vandenburg as I still have a lot of pubs in the area to cross off my list      
I had wanted to go direct to Grenfell but missed the road and went off towards West Wyalong and was able to head off to Grenfell at Marsden. It was too early to try any of the pubs at Grenfell but a quick count seemed to suggest that there are about six in town but like most of country towns a couple looked closed down. I thought that Grenfell looked like quite a nice little town.
From there i went to Orange via Cowra and Canowindra where I stopped for a beer and a sausage roll the sausage roll from the only bakery in town and the beer from the Junction Hotel again five pubs in town two of them closed .
I dropped into the Badlands Brewery in Orange for a small ale before heading home to finish the ride.
More problems with my pictures so I will have stick them in later.

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