More dead towns.  I rode from Inverell to Warialda to Moree to Narrabri to Gunnedah to Coonabarabran plus the little towns in between I cant remember how many kilometres that was about four hundred I expect. The roads where mostly bar straight with any bends been long and slow so it was generally very fast between the stages. It was also very hot at 31 degrees mib morning according to a sign but I don’t know the highest it went, quite a bit I think. The bike seem to handle it no problems though I do wonder if I am pushing a bit hard. Tomorrow I am travelling south so it may be a bit cooler.
They say that the rural areas are doing it tough, I have to wonder in the quiet moments whether it isn’t their own fault in a lot of ways because here we are in the middle of hot weather middle of school; holidays middle of public holidays with people all over the place towing boats and bikes and driving big 4wds towing caravans and nearly every town is shut down and closed, In both Moree and Gunnedah while some of the pubs, not all, where open not one was doing food and no restaurants, cafes or milk bars or bakery,s where open. I went into the Narrabri tourist centre in desperation to ask if anything was open and was told that the  only place they new of was a truck stop 5 ks out of town, they were wrong it was closed so I rode another hour and a half to here  
Here is the Imperial hotel Coonabarabran a big old style looking pub with lots of rooms and big wide balcony’s . My room is better than yesterdays which was really a bit worse than I want to put up with even at the price. This is ten dollars dearer but it has bot a/c and a fan and a window. I was toying with the idea of bollling into a motel if this place had looked dodgey
I think they are trying to fix the rural cash problems with the meals prices, it casts three bucks for gravy with the cutlets, anyhow I have eaten them now and they weren’t bad really
This bistro is called the red gecko and I know why – not sure about the red but just about the biggest wildlife I have seen on this trip was a lizard on the steps to the rooms


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