I am at Inverell or maybe Inverness – either way – we have heard all about the town that never sleeps well this is the town that never wakes up and that is the view of the publican. I know it is a public holiday and an a Sunday but is that a reason for there being nobody about. A man staying here said that he was going to the pool but it was closed and it is the hottest day of the year but then being Jan 1 it is also the coldest driest and wettest.
It was a pretty good ride today I found Murwillumbah to Kyogle pretty bendy and while very pretty I was getting a bit tired of the twists and turns. It  Flattened out and got a faster After Kyogle a then stayed flat before becoming twisty again but much faster than earlier but still a long ride and I was glad to get off the bike for a few minutes at Glenn Innes. I quite liked the look of this town and it seemed to have a pretty well set up pub in the middle of town the name of which escapes me. Then the run to Inverness which was a shorter section with lots of very long straight stretches so compared to the other rides of the last few days very fast helped if that is the correct expression by the fact that not a single vehicle past me or was passed by me the whole length. the only vehicles I saw where going in the opposite direction. Just as well I never saw a police vehicle.
I have stopped off at a pub called The Oxford Hotel, just about the only place open in the whole town. This is quite the oddest pub I have seen in a long time, the upstairs being a hodge podge of levels. I will try my hand at pictures again later which might give you an idea of what I mean. However it is the f first pub i have been in on this trip which has made any effort to have guest beers on tap so there is hope for the world after all. Also he is a motor bike friendly pub. I have been very lucky on this trip as I have had somewhere to put the bike at every stop. The difficulty is trying to work out which pubs make the effort and which don’t. Perhaps the bike riders should let their fellow riders know. I have been advised to join the Ulyssys Club then I can contact the local club for information and that this also might the only way to find road side assitance if needed as the locals would know the names of the people in field.
I have been calling in at the BIG I the tourist information centres and it really has to be said that they are usually worth the visit as the people are friendly helpful and most of them you can get a granny cup of tea as they seem to be run by local ladies like the C.W.A girls
This is all the pictures I can do it takes too long


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