I spent yesterday riding from Murwillumbah to the Northern suburbs of Brisbane and today riding back
Yesterday was a good ride along the back roads first towards Nerang and over to Beaudesert and then on towards Brisbane the first half of the trip was very enjoyable but went downhill a bit once I hit the Motorways
I haven’t been to this part of the world very often and now I know why> I dislike the driving around Brisbane more than just about anywhere. I know there is the question of my not knowing the suburbs and my way around but the lack of signs and roadside information here is worse than most every where else as far as I can see. And the ride back through the city and for a good way beyond was even worse.
It started to rain as I reached the city and while I was caught out on a motorway once I got off it want all that bad and it made it a little cooler than yesterday It wasn’t helped that my waterproof trousers aren’t so it looks as though that will be my next purchase, but what I have will have to do for now. And it was a good overnight stay. It was a lot busier today as it is a Saturday or at least I think it is and rumour has it is that it is New Years Ever  
I was expecting to add a couple of photos today but have discovered that I have been storing the pictures in the camera and not on the card and I haven’t worked out how to get at them yet so patience is required. maybe tomorrow.
I am away tomorrow off heading west I am not sure where I will end up as it will depend on what is open, I am hoping that the pubs will be open as usual.
I don’t know what new years is going to be like here and it is early but there is nobody around yet so maybe it is going to be a quite nigh which misery guts that I am is ok by me

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  1. woosh says:

    happy new year, have a nice time in inverell (or is it inverness)

  2. Ray says:

    Inverness would be a little more lively than this place

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