Pubs and Same old Trouble with emails

I am having trouble with emails again so this is by way of them without I hope any personal bits so It might read a bit oddly to some, anyhow
I am at Murwillumbah now a pretty big town, the pub and the town are not all that interesting but the surrounding county side is terrific – all green and hilly and palmy and bananary . I have had a couple of good rides around and been to places I cant remember the names of, Mullumbimby is the only one I can think o,f nice old pub called the middle pub – I couldn’t find the top and the bottom pub but I am sure they where there – Had a Caesars salad for lunch – do you want chups with that.
Tried to get to Byron’s Bay but the traffic was terrible so called it off, I did get to the Stone and Wood brewery – would you believe they didn’t offer me a beer and I was doing a perish at that point.
Beer is very basic in this part of the country but I have had some very good “olds” so all is not to bad
I think you would like the Bendemeer pub, I think it is the best accommodation pub I have been to – the rooms far better than the econolodge and the like.
I needed it to because I was very tired after the first days ride of nearly 400 ks
Not so bad the second day of nearly 500ks
All went off pretty well at ??????’s she really liked the death flags by the way and is on the lookout for more
It is very hot here near QLD but overcast –always looks like it is going to rain but so far no more than a couple of spots
Perhaps I am going to have to get on face book if I want to talk to anybody else but not this trip cant be bothered to work out how to do it
I am going into QLD tomorrow and try and see A???? – first find the place  I called and talked to E???? and she kept saying she will be home but I couldnt work out if that included A???? – Anyway going the back way  so more country side to see.
I went to the Willow Tree pub on the way up – this pub was a featured pub in the latest SMH Pub Food Guide. They must have gone on a good day or they are easily impressed. It all looked very nice and new, I got a beer then went to the Bistro and asked if I could eat in the bar , had to ask because it looked sort of posh, the head man said that was ok but he had to warn me that there would be at least a one and a half hour wait for food as he had only one chef on. Oh Dear me how sad what a shame the poor fellow must have been missing both arms if he was that behind because there where less than twenty people in the room and some of them already had food. Cutting my losses I went up the road to a old style caf and had an all day breakfast and a pot of tea for $12.50 which I expect was better than I would have got from the pub  
I think In have a couple of decent pub photo,s so I will add them later  
I am the Imperial here in Murwillumbah the pub side of things are ok but the room is very basic – ok for the money, but very hot even with the overhead fan. also very noisy but I solved that by using the earplugs I use on my bike, The bistro seems very popular but for some reason it opens late Yesterday 1900 hrs and today1830 hrs. Oh and the bit that amuses me is I park my motor bike overnight in the unused bottle shop for security. Not quite as posh as the Bendemeer – I got a lock up garage there.     
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