The drive from Leicester to Hastings was a bit long s we had to circumnavigate London to get there, it rained quite heavily in parts and there was quite a bit of road works which while slowing us down for long distances didn’t exactly stop us (lesson to be learned here RTA)
It was blowing a gale when we got to Hastings which was quite bracing and I found a change after the closeness of the other cities.
We stayed in a hotel right down on the sea front in a hotel right out of the last mid century
I enjoyed our stay in Hastings and came across a couple of very old pubs, the First and Last and the Stag Inn being two. Both very old – low head room lots of tiny rooms, gloomy lit and dark wood, and both with a fair selection of cask ales from the area, cider too, though that was not my drink, and the Stag had a local group playing folk and fisherman’s ballads. Most of the other pubs in the town while not being old or with the same kind o character also seemed to be worth a visit

The rest of the town was a bit touristy with the Blackpool style amusement halls and the sticks of rock and the postcards but I think I could have spent another day there at least. With all the cliffs behind the town might have even lost a bit of weight and the pebble beach was a bit different

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