I am going to stay out of order for the moment and talk about the last couple of days.
We are in Leicester City since yesterday and leave in the morning for Hastings. The reason we chose this place to stay was because it seemed  central to a couple of things I wanted to do and it was hoped it would turn out to  be an bit more upmarket than the last few we stayed at. I have already given a brief aaccount of the place we are staying.and so moving on. This town is very busy and full of people of all nationalities, the fact that there is a university here might account for that. It is a lot dirtier and untidy than  had expected, not unlike Newcastle or Huddersfield than Cardiff.I was a bit put off the place but I think that I might be being  a bit unfair in that  and that if given a better chance I might that is is an interesting place.
I went to visit the Triumph moter bike factory today which was an interesting littel excursion which gave me a bit of an insight of the production of the bikes. Then we went to Burton on Trent Brewery Museum tour. I ws under the impresion that this was a depressing and uniteresting tow, but if I had a chance again I would have stayed here rather than Leicester City. The beer museum was a bit sad – the restaurant was ok the museum exhibition itself was ok – it just struck me as worn out and not sure what it wanted to be – there is a micro brewery being set up on site – larger than their early plant which might help to pull the place together. I spoke to one of the brewers and she seemed optimistic – I suppose it just depends on the big American Brewery which bought it giving the place a chance . The story you get told about the recent history and decline is probably typical bought out by the Yanks Stabbed in the back by the Yanks then have the Yanks jump on the body.
It is my view that most of the places I have been to so far haven’t exactly worked out the merchandising opportunities yet . Even the motor bike factory didn’t have the option of picking up a memento on site though they did have glass displays of their stuff. The breweries dont make it easy to pick up glasses and t. shirts and that sort of stuff. While it seems in Australia it is almost law that you buy before you can leave the property. Here a lot of the breweries, Brew Dog for one don’t have a Tap House facility for tasting or a shop.
And it is a pity because there are some terrific glasses  coasters and  logo’s around
But then again if I cant buy anything I don’t have to carry anything.  

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