I am going completely out of order here I know but I have to get this down.
We are Staying in Leicester because I have the opportunity to go to the Triumph motorcycle factory at Hinckley tomorrow, and we thought this might be the closest city that may have some other attractions going for it.
We are staying at the Leicester City Hotel, I know our choice and you have to play them as they are dealt . But there is no excuse fort the state of this place, they are on booking.com and I will be having my say with them later. When we arrived we where given rooms 5;6 and 7, 6 was filthy unmade and stank there is not other word for it, it stank so I had my say and was given room 14, as it was broad daylight when we arrived I had no reason to turn all the lights on so when we returned to the hotel I found that none of the light \s where working so I was then given room 16 and so had tgo move again. you can get an idea from the picture of the state of the rooms, what you cant see is the filth the dust and the grime on nearly all the surfaces, nor can you see the unlockable door on the communal toilet. You cant hear the pounding of steps on the floor above either, nor see the flies or hanging shredding wallpaper .     
So it is all fair and the gloves are off, if they want to run a business like this in this day and age then they cant be surprised if people use the technology to comment. I don’t know if it will do any good but I will send this to as many people as I can think of including the city tourist organisation .
I will talk about the beers late and when I get back in order 
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