When we left Fraserburgh we started to head south to Peterhead – the town that was highlighted in the documentary about the North Sea trawler fishermen. I was a bit disappointed in this town, I know it is a working town but I did expect a bit more in the way of tourism. Nearly all the food shops and as usual parking was a bit of problem. We had no real to stay here so I took a couple of pictures and we left and moved on to Aberdeen
We stayed in an apartment for a change, something different for me and not a bad option if you can get a good deal
As well as the usual bars we went to the Brew Dog Bar and tried their full range of beers on tap as well as a couple of the super strong beers, the 18.5% Tokyo stout the 31% Sink the Bismarck and the 42%. Tactical Nuclear Penguin. I was able to have a bit of talk with the young fellow behind the bar who informed me that Brew Dog was moving their brewing operation closer to Aberdeen, they have a similar bar in Edinburgh and say they are going to open up in twenty seven countries that will probably mean that their new brewery operation will be a lot bigger than their present one. I think in some ways this will be one of the highlights of my beer studies
From here we continued south to Edinburgh            
We were in the Leith district and I really liked this part of town, there appeared to be plenty of cafes and bars and it looked to have a bit of life about it. A bit of slog back in to town on foot but  I wouldn’t want to drive it if I was going for a beer. I think this is about the maddest town I have driven around yet. We also stayed n the maddest guest house we have stayed in so far. We went to a couple of bars and tried a few new beers though I can’t say we found either bar or beers where anything new. This ended our Scottish leg as from Edinburgh we head sout into England
My overall assessment of the Scottish section of the exercise is that while there are some very nice beers it is my opinion that they seem to lose their “legs” after having been poured for a while – that the taste does not hang round for too long. The bars in Scotland are as good and as varied as Ireland, any anybody should be able to find a bar that suited them without any trouble in any town. My opinions are based on a quick count of 66 different beers in 23 pubs so I think that is a fair test.
So its over the border for us
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