Having left Ireland we took the ferry to Stranraer and then went by train to Glasgow
The train trip was a bit of a Sydney NSW train service but it went through some nice scenery and apart from a bit of a train change in the middle there was nothing to complain about. After checking in to the guesthouse front desk run by a women I think may have eaten babies, we went out for a bit of a look round
I found Glasgow an interesting place with a lot of interesting looking buildings I don’t know if there was a particular style but to me it looked a bit of everything including demolished.
The weather was a bit hard to pick as it went from summery to overcast to raining and windy back to summery again all one after the other it looked like.
I don’t know if it is a fact or not but I didn’t think Glasgow looked as prosperous as Belfast.
Anyhow we got in a few pubs in Glasgow and tried a few beers which were new to us:-
Oniells  Bar ( not Irish); Belhaven Best; Smithwicks ;Cairngorm Brewery’s Monster Mash; The Henglers Circus Bar: Stratham Mild ;Sulwath Brewery Criffell; Galloway Ale; Kelburns Catre Blanche; Kelburns Carte Noir  The Pot Still Bar : Kelburn’s Copper Gold; Braveheart Ale;Rooster Krystal; Douchamps IPA. We went back another night to have a bit of a taste of whiskey because this is supposed t0 be a famous whiskey bar and it seemed a good place for an introduction so the fifteen year old expert presented about five whiskeys across the spectrum for us to try. We went to the Babbity Bowser which apparently is another famous pub and whick gets a mention the Camra beer book of 2011, There we had A harvestouns Brewey, Born to be Mild A kelburns Misty ????  The Tennant Bar:Youngs Speccial Mils;Fullers London Pride. The CurlerUBU Purity Amber Ale. Sierra Nevada (US)
Brooklyns Brewery, Lager; The Dram Bar Harviestoun Black Lace: Harviestoun Haggis Hunter. The Dram Was a great nights entertainment as profiled amateur folk music  This did us for a couple of a days in Glasgow and so on to other parts of the country.
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