First full day here not a bad place, thought the weather is all over the place . We have gone from cold and windy to hot and sunny in one day. Thought i should go and buy some sort of a jacket today and no sooner did than it got so hot it was uncomfortable to wear though I should think I will get some use out of it this trip as I expect a bit of a challenge in Scotland.
Went to the famous Crown Bar in Belfast today and I am glad to have seen it but can’t think of a reason to go back. It was very touristy and like a lot of tourist joints didn’t seem to be able to handle the pressure of tourists.  It is very ornate an, I am going to call it rococo but that may not be quite the correct term.
We are going to the Bridge pub for breakfast tomorrow and I have been waiting for the best time to have a full Irish breakfast so hope it will be worth the wait. We had dinner tonight at the Kitchen Bar another place on the list of places to go. One of the meals was a pizza on soda bread base and was not bad and a bit different. We had a couple of Copperhead ales and Belfast Ales and it is starting to get a bit difficult to see new beers in the near to hand pubs
Also went to Katy Dalys which was a pub for the younger crowd probably university students, there is a college around here somewhere but the students are on holidays so is a bit quite on that front, though the district we are in is pretty active and is probably a major near city centre for people
I am beginning to lose any sympathy I may have had for the operators of bed and breakfasts or guesthouses. I am stating to think they are their own worst enemies, They appear to spend so much effort and expense in trying to maximise the use of space and to save money on such things as water that they lose sight of what the paying guest might need and not only that things are so tight and small that they either just don’t work or get damaged through daily use. I am particularly thinking of water saving showers which take so much time to get a decent temperature that you end up running a shower two to three times longer than you might otherwise. I also find that toilets are so small and tight for anybody not a midget is likely to knock fixtures and fittings off the walls. I am sitting in a room with a heater on and a window open. I neither wanted the heater on nor opened the window, I tried but it needed a key I didn’t have.
The people here particularly the young girls are very colourful, they seem to like bright hair colour and face piercings.
My mini baby mouse got poorly and has died so I had to try and get another, all this is very sad  
We did go to the bridge pub for breakfast, it was ok but all a bit “do you want fries with that” sort of place, not as natural or authentic as we had hoped  
We had lunch today Thursday at the Biddle Bar a very small bar with the walls covered by paintings of the “troubles” This is an interesting pub, a triangle of a place which comes to a point at an intersection . I think it would be crowded with thirty people in it. We had a Cafreys Ale and a Macardles Ale    
My favourite pub in Ireland this trip is the Katy Dalys, and not just because they had a four pints for ten pound deal.. Thought there is still one night left   

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