Cork to Galway via Limerick

Moving on today by bus
After a bit of a siesta went out for an evening look at Cork Strolled into town, it was still pleasant weather, cool but not cold though it was very grey, did get a couple of sprinkles of rain but nothing to dampen the spirits too much. First we went to a pub called the Raven,  a funny pub mostly full of girls at the start of their night out. It is always amusing to watch  groups of girls like this even more amusing when they are a collection of Irish girls, a whole new sub species,  and eaves drop on their conversations, not that you can understand much, they don’t speak any English I understand. This pub had a different array of beers to others I  have seen here with three Czech lagers and a couple of German lagers which may have explained to presence of the European sailors in uniform I couldn’t decide from their outfits which country they came from. I first guess would have been German, I am sure the girls new because at one time they seemed to be wearing almost all of the navy gear except socks, and where having their picture taken with the results.
We had a bit of dinner in another diner sort of place and I was trying to work out drom the menu, that if one item was highly recommended and another couple was recommended was that  a way of suggesting you stayed away from  everything else. I am not sure I can handle these bottomless cups of American coffee which are in fact black coffee with a jug of milk, apparently flat white coffee is an Australian invention not found everywhere.
This guesthouse the Redcliff is okay, I can’t find anything to complain about anyway though it is what you pay for, and it is only about twenty minutes walk into the town centre. I do have pigeons under the roof outside my window though and that is not a good thing. 
We also went to a pub called the Bob Fox, this was a nice little Irish pub which seemed to be the local golfers local. There was another tiny little place we went but at the moment I can’t remember the name but I am going to use its photo if I can remember.
I think it is about time to try and find another beer and I think I might have to give the heavy stouts a bit of completion with a lighter beer style. So far it looks as if it will be a niceish day, not as overcast with a bit of blue sky to be seen 
Limerick is a different place to Cork, bigger and busier and seem to be at a lot faster pace, it looked like a market town but we couldn’t have been there on market day, it was a sunny day but showered every now and then and I can never guess if it is going to be hot or cold. Had a beer and lunch at a market pub, as you do then back on the bus to Galway.
Another change, this palace looks a lot more prosperous than either of the other two towns. This is a town of pubs and if it is your thing a place to pick up tourist crap like woolly jumpers and things with Irish sayings on them, tea shirts and fridge magnets. We where there only one night but maybe this place is worth an extra day or two.  Wandered around town and had a beer at a couple of pubs then went to a place called the Oslo Bar at Salthill. This is billed as the only micro brewery in town, though any brewing appears to be done elsewhere, a bit of a challenge because they had maybe fifteen beers on rap I think we managed to have a go at everything I was unlikely to see again, A Bay Ale which was a house brew, there was also a bay lager but I didn’t try that. A Dungarvan Hervick Gold described as a Blonde Ale which was my number one A Trouble Brewing Golden Ale; Metalman amber Ale maybe number two
A Leffe Blonde, a bit of a ring in because that is available elsewhere; Odells Porter from the USA called Cutthroat, perhaps an equal number two with. I also had a Blue Moon another USA import, a lager, an unusual beer an unlike most other lagers around, and an Irish Pale Ale called the Galway Hooker named after a locally made wooden sailing fishing boat.
The BandB we stayed at has been the best so far which is only two, not that there was anything wrong with the Cork place, this was just a bit better and very close to town..
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