Sydney Airport
We have started out on the trek to the UK. We had to leave pretty early for our flight because we went to the airport by train and it was either early or late, the usual choices if travelling by train. So we have a bit of a wait before we can start to be processed. So we are sitting in the quiet end of the terminal and brushing up on computer skills to pass the time. I have no beer items to add at this point but hope to make changes to that a bit later on. It appears as though we have a lot of waiting time in Beijing so I may get a chance for the first instalment of the trip. At Beijing there is apparently “free charging of power” or so the airport claim and that can’t be a bad thing.
Had the usual silliness getting through the customs at Sydney, I went to a man who was being a pain in the arse to everybody in his line, just because he could I think.
To cap it all off and keeping in character of Sydney airport, once passed the customs check out chicks we had a Stella at the bar in the transit area, $24.00 for two beers and not even in a Stella glass but in a Bulmer’s glass. I could have got five schooners of Scharers in the Station Bar at Katoomba for that.
After waiting for a long time I the Sydney airport eventually got on to the Air China plane
Now I know why it was the cheapest flight, I don’t think I have ever been on a more uncomfortable international flight, it had the smallest legroom, narrowest aisles and tightest toilets imaginable. To make things even more sad, the gloomiest air hostess’s. The food was budget fare as well. I may have to pay a higher fare next time and hope for more bang for the buck.
I tried a beer on the plane a Yan Jing beer; as far as I know it was the only type on the plane at least they never offered anything else. The label on the tin said it was “product graded excellent” it didn’t say by whom. It was an okay beer I suppose no different from all the other mass produced and probably cheapo beers  
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