Considering its reputation my passage through Heathrow wasn’t as bad as I expected. we continue to meet horror customs though they are beginning to blend into each other. I  saw a child barely  old enough to walk sent through the check out by herself, i wonder if anybody was surprised when the child became distressed and lost and start to scream, it was almost as though that was the plan. The airport bar we found was terrific especially when compared the the craphouse in Sydney, I think it was called the Skylark and it had four cask beers the two we had was the Skylark Ale and a Moorehouse Witches Brew also an ale slightly lighter in colour than the Skylark, this is the sort of beer I came for. The plan trip to Cork was good , just seventy five minutes which is about all you want to spend on a plane if you can. Cork Customs better but only just, and still capable of asking the silliest questions.       

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