This Is The Best Picture Of Cork I Could Find
I  Have to adapt apparently
We went out into the streets of Cork pretty early but being Sunday practically nothing was open.So by the time things started to open was had walked around the place twice. This is where the adapting comes in, it looks as if I am going to have to change my biological clock rhythms and  chill before going out into the streets and then stay out longer than I usually do while things are still happening. All this seems a little bit out of whack to me because when travelling you have to come in early in order to be up and away the next day. Not to worry I will probably get wrong a lot more times before I get it right 
Cork is a nice little town worth a look but doesn’t need more than a day. Oh another thing I cant get right is I keep expecting pubs to do food and so many of them don’t and the stupid part about it is I often end up eating in places I don’t really want to go to when I could have just as easily gone to a pub or stayed in one which ever suits.
It took me twenty minutes in town to find a brewery, admittedly it was out of service as the operation had been taken over by another brewery but that is not the point I found one and I wasn’t even looking for one 
This was the Beamish brewery beers are now being put out by Murphy’s. So we tried a Murphy’s stout and a Smythwycks ale and then for comparison had a Beamish stout, the barman thought that the Beamish might be a bit of an aquired taste, I had no problem with and enjoyed but I tink I found the Murphy’s the better drop. So here I am back at the guest house trying to adapt before going out and I will be truly pissed off if I have adapted so well everything is closed by the time I get out there  
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