View from the Beijing Airport

At least I have at last found a worse airport customs than Sydney here at Beijing
Had a bit of lunch and a beer at an airport bar, at least I suppose it was a bar looked more like an Irish themed hamburger joint . Irish because it had Guinness and Kilkenny and what seems to be a staple a Carlsberg and the one I had a Tsing Tao which the girl behind the bar insisted on pouring like a Guinness and left it on the bar for two minutes’ before finishing it off or in other words leaving it about five centimetres from the top and letting the head fade away but she thought she was doing the right thing and who knows maybe she was.
It was very hot and muggy in Beijing and another case of having the wrong clothes as I was wearing stuff for a possible cooler time when we got off the plane in the UK late in the night
What is it with aeroplane food and why do they insist on giving you melon with every meal I have had melon pushed at me three times since we left watermelon and rock melon and once watermelon rock melon and for added spice a bit of pineapple which actually came as a bit of a relief.  Sometimes you get it as a garnish as well as a desert and it has to be just about the most boring fruit and veg of them all
At least the girls on this flight are a lot jollier than the last bunch. Had another of the Ying Yang (Yan Jing) beers with lunch and melons.
I have been thinking about these planes and I have decided that it is not all about being fat, some of it maybe but being overweight has little to do with leg room or the width of the seat between the armrests or the seat back, So the discomfit is all the faulty of the airlines I have decided.
I haven’t had any interesting beery stuff to write really but perhaps tomorrow will be a new dawning as it is our first day in Cork so we should be able to find a decent pub or three.       
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