I was thinking about the Norwegian Wood I mentioned in my last post and according to the tasting notes you are supposed to recognise juniper. I know nothing about juniper except that it has something to do with A) gin and B) cooking and as a rule I cant drink gin because I think I am allergic to it or maybe just intolerant to or is that the same thing, perhaps I just cant handle the stuff,  and I have never used juniper berries in cooking
All this adds up to the fact that I couldn’t distinguish the taste of it in the beer.
Anyway back to the main point, I was trying to work out how to use the stuff in my next brew. I had decided to try a smoke beer of some sort and was thinking about the ingredients when I took delivery of the N. Wood and so I was taken by the smokiness of it. Not as smoky as the Shlenkarla ( I bet I spelled that wrong no matter I will look it up later and correct if required) Original Schlenkerla Smokebeer    Smoked grain isn’t all that easy to find around my area, I have picked up a couple of small bags but  I think the smoke effect diminishes over time so I have been considering smoking my own as required. I think I can achieve what I want but I will say no more until I have tried in case I stuff it up and I would hate to have people think I was a failure. I was wondering if I added dried berries to the smoking process would it impart a notable flavour to the grain. It is all a bit academic at the moment because as yet I haven’t been able to find the berries.      

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