I went out the other night for a meal at Rosewood Cottage Maggie’s Restaurant at Katoomba which is a part of the Alpine Motel. Being a Monday it was a bit quiet but overall it was not bad. The entree’s where pretty big and where pretty good value. My main meal choice, a pork fillet dish  I thought was very good but my companion thought that their rack of lamb was a bit tough. I was going to have the cheese platter but being the beginning of the week they had not had time to replenish their stocks so I passed on the third course and made do with a coffee while my companion had a pavlova which seemed to go down well. During the meal I had a glass of Cabernet Merlot  and a Shiraz both of which where very nice so all in all, not a bad outing though I would have to say that it was a bit pricey. 
The purpose of my writing this is to say however that this place had just about the most disappointing beer list you could imagine. While some might be happy with a list of Hahn Lite, Tooheys New V.B,Carlton Draught,and Crown considering the beers cost restaurant prices I am convinced they could have had better choices on offer.         

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