I went to the Australian Hotel and  Brewery at Rouse Hill for the first time today. I believe it is a relatively new joint, maybe about a year old. Perhaps Thursday lunch time is not the time to see this place at its best. While it was not exactly jumping at that time there where a few groups in for lunch.

The brewery is on site and they turn out four house beers and I tried three of them. A Pale Ale; a Mexican style Cervesa; and my favourite and a Dark Saaz Lager.
The Cervesa was a bit light and thin for my tastes but I think it would be a bit good on a hot day or with the right food match.(They will insist on putting fruit in this style of beer, if they think it needs fruit why don’t they put it in during the brewing process and not try to make it look like  fruit salad in a beer glass)
I liked the Pale Ale which was hoppy and I would think this beer would also be a good hot weather beer.
The Dark Saaz was described as being like an  Tooheys Old, well, as an Old drinker I doubt that, though it certainly was dark, this was my favourite, a nice easy drinking beer    
I was told that they intend to add a cider and also a premium, whatever they mean by that, to the list.
Apart from their own beers they had the usual selection of beers and wines though I didn’t take any particular
notice of what they were.     
The menu is pretty much what you would expect from a place like this. Big on the steak; burger or pie, choices at about the usual pub price, the servings where as good as any similar place.  
I expect this place would be quite poplar, it is certainly big enough to take quite a crowd. It also appeared to be set up to cater for children but seeing I don’t believe in judging a pub by its ability to attract children I didn’t take any more notice than that.
While I would rate this a macdonalds pub it was well worth the visit and I am sure a lot of people would think well of the place. 
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