A Second Wheat Beer

I have just opened the first couple of bottles of my latest wheat beet, the second wheat beer I have made this year. For the first wheat I used a couple of extracts and I added 500 grms of wheat and a couple of tablespoons of stringy bark honey. I must have done something right because it was the fastest moving beer I have made and all bar one person seemed to think it was one of the best beers I made. I am not sure I agree with that but of course I am biased. I think the best was an I.P.A. I made about a year ago which, because I am a big fan of beer with citrus notes I bunged a grapefruit into the fermenter, both the juice and some of the zest and it turned out to be very drinkable sessions beer. Second place might be the Oatmeal Stout I mentioned in the last article. This latest wheat was another Bavarian style wheat. I cant remember the thinking behind repeating a wheat beer so soon after the other but there it is . This one was different in that as well as the wheat extracts and wheat liquid malt and the honey I used a 50/50 cracked wheat and steel cut oats. I had never heard of steel cut oats before which I bought from the local health food store but as far as I can work out it is an unprocessed style of oats which hasn’t been rolled and dried like the porridge oats people usually buy, actually it looked very much like the wheat or barley grain. When I had finished steeping the grain and had added the liquor to the mix, I tasted the grain and it tasted like one of the best porridges  I can remember. I finished off with addition of two packets of  Hallertau hops which I steeped for ten minutes at the end of the process as I was only trying to get the aroma with the minimum of bittering. I am undecided with this beer, during the primary fermentation I thought by the taste it haunt been to successful and even after the first bottle I still wasn’t sure but by the second bottle I was getting much happier with the results. It will be interesting to hear what others think of it.      

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