Irish Stout and St Patrick’s Day

I have just opened the first bottle of my Oatmeal Stout which actually started life as an Irish Stout as I used a Mulloys Irish Stout malt extract coupled with a Coopers dark malt extract as a platform for it. However I had the idea of the Oatmeal Stout but didn’t have a recipe for it so I kind of winged it and used a 250 – 50 gr oatmeal to wheat mini boil. I used rolled oats firstly because that’s all I had and secondly I didn’t know what other sorts of oats where available. I used the wheat because I read somewhere that if you use oats alone they turn into a solid ball of mush that is if a solid ball can be mush. The beer didn’t have as much head retention but did have a nice fizz on the tongue turned out nice and black.
 I have just realised that co-incidently today is St Patrick’s Day something I usually take no notice of

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