I went to a show at the Sydney Recital Hall last Saturday to see the Italian singer Marco Beasley. He is a great singer with a very distinctive voice and I enjoyed the show immensely. I rode in on my motor bike and left my suit of armour in the the cloak room, and parking was very easy. I was a bit worried that I might get caught by the road closures that the Mardi Gras caused but it turned out to be no problem. The show was at 1400hr show so my intention was to meet my son before the show and go to a pub, have a couple of beers and some lunch. Well that was the plan, here I was in Sydney only a few metres from Martin Place and a couple of hundred from Circular Quay. We went to the Royal George, the Grand and the Angel Hotel and not one served lunch on Saturdays. While I was in the Angel three other groups of people came in and asked about meals and left when told food was not available. Thats at least eight meals they didn’t sell but not only that the other groups didn’t buy drinks either they just went elsewhere so in less than ten minutes the hotel missed out on maybe two hundred dollars or more of sales. And these people whinge about loss of business, serves them bloody well right, not only were the pubs disappointing but across George Street was a shopping mall full of all those high end shops selling fashions and stuff which had a food court in it also closed, hardly a lunch to be found
Anyhow, no photographs, after all why would anyone want to take pictures of loser pubs, and it wasn’t worth recording the beers as there was nothing worth noting. Never mind I will try again soon      

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