I think my camera is eating my pictures, twice now, I know I have taken pictures but I cant find them in the camera. So no images to load untill or unless I retrace some off my footsteps.
Recently I went to the Boatshed at Palm Beach, it was a Saturday and a very nice day. I was there at lunch time and had salt and pepper squid and the fish and chips. It is very nice sitting outside when he weather is nice but a bit of a fight for sitting down space. It apparently very popular for breakfast and I would like to put that to the test but as it a long drive for me to try and get there before 11.30am which is when I think it goes of the menu.
It occurred to me that it would be a great place to ride a motor bike to- but then that might apply to most places.
The Boatshed has featured in an newspaper supplement and on t.v so it wont be hard to find other opinions about it.
This is not a pub and as such didn’t have draught beer, the bar area is very small and so getting a drink when it was busy was a bit of a trick. I suppose there may be times when it could be very difficult to get a seat.
If I ever find my pictures I will add one to this post, or I will go back one day.

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