I have a cousin who, with her husband retired to Italy, up north near the lakes, how horrible is that. I went to visit them a few years ago, anyway we have been exchanging the odd Christmas present. A bottle of Australian wine there a bottle of Italian wine there. I thought I would try something different last year and so I had a mixed half dozen beers sent from a supplier in Amsterdam called the Cracked Kettle.
Enough of that. So I thought I would buy a few for myself to see how it would go. This place has about 640 beers to select from, a lot I have never seen here and which I knew nothing about so it was a lucky dip. You may be able to identify them from the picture.
The exercise was pretty much a success the box was packed very well and nothing was broken   though a couple of the bottles had seeped a bit. maybe as a result of pressure change. They where the bottles which had the porcelain stoppers with the wire clips. This didn’t affect the beers much other than one might have been a touch flat
I wont be doing it again too often as the cost of the freight was nearly twice the cost of the beers .
If anybody wanted to have a go at this it might be a good way to try some American beers not seen readily in this country, which is what I chose to do as well as going for a few European beers. Here is a list of the beers I ordered  

1 ea. Original Schlussel 50cl 5%ABV  
1 ea. Hallerndorf Rauchbier 5%ABV, 50cl   
1 ea. Smokey George 5%ABV, 50cl   
2 ea. Thiriez La Blonde d’Esquelbecq 33cl, 6%ABV  
1 ea. Allagash Curieux 2007 bottling 75cl   
1 ea. Founders Breakfast Stout 35.5cl, 8.3%ABV  
1 ea. Founders Curmudgean Old Ale 35.5cl, 9.8%ABV
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