Its not a pub I know but the Station Bar in Katoomba is a very popular place especially on the weekends of course. This a bar with a bit of different range of drinks and maybe a larger choice with some of the spirits . Scharers Lager; Coopers Black; Peroni on tap; Fat Yak;Little Creatures Pale Ale; Carlton Draught,;Blue Tongue Lager and Bulmers on tap.
I usually go the Scharers which I consider the best there and maybe the best available from all the pubs in town, and the cost of a schooner is competitive with the other places in town This bar also does a good range of pizzas which is the only food available if you like pizza this is a good thing. It has a nice outside area at least in the warmer months – I dont know what it will be like in the winter but I would expect it would be pretty dire unless they bring in those gas heater units . Inside it has clean lines but when it is very busy it is a little short on room.

Only street parking but that wouldn’t be a big problem in this town and the toilets seem up to scratch though if you don’t know your way around might be a bit hard to find. This certainly a very popular place and with some groups the best place.
Toilets are OK once you have found out where they are.
I cant leave this entry without closing with this place has the prettiest barmaids around. 
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