I brew a bit of beer – this may not come as a surprise – but then again -maybe it does , anyway on Saturday I was having a go at an Oatmeal Stout. I say having a go because I didn’t really have a recipe to work from. I was using a Malloy’s Irish Stout extract with a Coopers Dark Malt extract chuck in a few handfuls of Quakers Oats a dollop of wheat, some secret herb ands spices, stir with a big stick and hope for the best.

Up till then all good but then the wheels started to come off just a bit. I had damaged the thread on the tap of the fermenter a couple of brews ago but with an extra seal and a bit of plumbers tape I had it jury rigged up. This time however as the brew was hot the system failed and I ended up with three or four litres all over the shop. Took three mopping’s before I stopped sticking to the floor.
I managed to transfer what was left of it to my old fermenter, guessed the quantities and made the final amount up to about eighteen litres . I tested it tonight and have to say that if this is what happens when things go bugger up then I will have to drop the stuff every time as I thought the results so far was terrific
Finding a picture to suit this yarn is going to be a test:- Image v505-beer-pin-up
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