In mid January at the State Theatre I went to a show. The show was a burlesque show with an American as the leading act whose stage name is Immodesty Blaise. I have seen four such shows over the last year or so and this was probably the slickest and that might have been part of the problem. Maybe I am a bit over burlesque but I don’t really think it is this it is more that I prefer them a bit edgier. This one had its amusing parts but not the maybe not the rough and ready kind of fun that comes with the less polished events.

I would have to say that as well as the beer and now my bike anything involving frillyknickers is OK with me and if you can combine some if not all of those elements then you are on a roll.
Talk about humorous I stayed at the Hilton as it was just around the corner from the State and the car park is convenient. I went to he Zeta bar before the show just foe a look and a pre-show beer and I wasn’t allowed in. even though there was only about three people in the joint at that time they said I was inappropriately dressed because I was wearing jogger like shoes, probably just as well as I didn’t see any sign of beers on tap so I went down to the Marble Barwhich is not a bad place though the beers are pricey
I had a meal and a couple of beers at the Arthouse Hotel a place I go to when I stay in that part of the city and while I like the place, like a lot of establishments around Sydney I do think they could try harder with their choices of beer on tap:- Image: tumblr_ldwgu7X9Rq1qbq8zso1_500
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