It has been far to long since I added anything to this blog and as a result I have a bit of catching up to do. I am also short of photos to add as my picture taking has also been neglected .

I am thinking of changing my approach with this blog a little bit, not that anybody will probably notice, saying that was more for my benefit really but I thought I would be a little bit further ranging if I could
Today 03/02/2011 went to the Camden Valley Inn for lunch, a big sign outside claims it is an old English Pub , buggered if I can work out why. Guiness and Kilkenny was the closest to an English beer that I could see. We had a James Squire and a Coopers between us.And there where a couple of the other usuals and that was it for draft beer.
Tall people would have to watch their heads on the low porch roof going in.
Low timber beams does not an English pub make. I had always been of he idea that this place was supposed to be an historical place but as it was apparently built in the 1930,s I don’t know if it qualifies as such.
There appeared to be a very nice outside area but it was so hot and humid today we had to stay inside, which raises another point, if there was any air conditioning in the dining area I sat in it was undetectable. It was cooler in the gaming are though, if you wanted TAB and pokies.
Now to the bench mark, the toilets, at least the mens, pathetic. A bit of a trick to find if you are not keeping your wits about you, and once found, was in pretty poor condition with the toilet itself roped off and with floor tiles missing.
The meals where pretty good with a specials board and today one of those was a pie, mash and peas with gravy for $10.00.
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